Life Through The Lens: Rebecca

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Hello all!  Today, I am starting my very first series!  So far, my blog has been all about my perspective, so I thought it would be fun and exciting to share the perspective of others!  I knew I wanted to interview someone with passion and drive.  Enter Rebecca, an artist/entrepreneur/writer.  I seriously obtained so much inspiration from this interview and I think you will too!

q: what do you do to get inspired?

a: we choose whether or not we observe the little things.  driving home, just now, I saw this woman wearing a bright, shiny, blue sleeve.  her arm was rested upon the side of an old car.  I could have just continued driving, but instead I stopped and observed.  artists have keen eyes.  and, whether you’re a painter or author, you must share your varied experiences.  reading books of different genres also helps.

q: how do you put pen to paper and begin?

a: journaling really gets your muscles and mind ready to produce something.  Julie Cameron created something called the Artist’s Way.  basically, every morning, you sit in silence for ten minutes.  then, you go on to write three pages.  it can be of anything; like how the color of your toes remind you of flamingos.  I start everyday doing this.  and it helps immensely.

q: how did you integrate your artistic talents into your non-profit business?

a: when starting a business, you can’t do it like everyone else is doing it.  you have to tell a story through art.  our main character were the refugees.  so, we expressed that through hand drawn artwork.  drawings of the refugees and the designs helped shape that story.

q: how do you define art?

a: art is found in the middle of life and beauty.  life can be hard, but it can also be insanely beautiful.  art can represent suffering, but the piece is still beautiful and inspiring!  artists try to capture the human experience.  artists seek juxtaposition.

And there you have it!  A snippet of an eye-opening interview that has inspired me to re-think my artistic journey.

grateful, maya

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