the city that stole my heart.

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Hello all!  Welcome back!  I have created a posting schedule so I will post more frequently and am really excited for some upcoming stories!  Today, I am writing another post about my travels.  Exploring new places is my favorite thing in life and I am so happy to be able to document my experiences on the blog!

This post is all about San Francisco AKA the most beautiful and magical place in the world.  It is filled with so much diversity: Chinatown, Little Italy, Fisherman’s Wharf, The Mission District, The Castro, Haight-Ashburry, and Golden Gate Park are just a few of the places I fell in love with.  San Francisco is a modern metropolis with old world charm.  I am so grateful to have visited this gorgeous place and most definitely will be visiting it soon again!

Another thing that I loved about San Francisco is the fact that my Nanny grew up there.  I was lucky enough to visit San Fran with her and see it through her eyes!  Best girls trip ever.

Below are some of my favorite pictures that my mom and I captured while visiting the city by the bay!

xoxo, maya

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