My first memory of Hawaii is the five year old me running around the lawn with the ocean just steps away.  People crowded along the lava rock wall in anticipation to watch the setting sun.  That’s what Hawaii does to you.  You can enjoy watching the rolling waves along with your family or with total strangers.  You all can relate on the level of marveling at the beauties of planet Earth.

Probably the most important thing that Hawaii has taught me is being in the moment.  Time starts to fade when you focus on the two endangered monk seals that swim right by you when snorkeling.  And seriously, that happened.  Hawaii is probably the most magical place on Earth.

I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to travel to these mystical islands.  Here, the colors are more vibrant, the food is more delectable, and the people are happier.  My travels to Hawaii have shaped the person I am today.

Below are some pictures from my last trip to Kauai, the garden isle.

I cannot wait to post more about the adventures I have been so fortunate to experience.   Happy exploring to you!

xoxo, maya

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